By Marvin Chanda Mberi

*”I would rather tell the truth and lose an election than win an election based on falsehood.”*

These were the words of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema as reported on 1st October, 2014, the Daily Nation newspaper.

The tabloid also quoted the UPND leader as having said this while he was addressing the farmers in Eastern Province.

Today, we will will rely on that public statement to hold the embattled opposition leader accountable and responsible for the public comments he made in his usual quest to deceive unsuspecting audience.

Clearly, the promise he made to embark on the political journey based on nothing else but the truth has been deviated from upon realizing that the political reality in Zambia is in favour of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who will be seeking the second term of office.

7 years later, Mr Hichilema has swallowed his own words and turned 360 degrees on the path of falsehoods to sustain his failed political career and now drags the law enforcement agency in his character founded on falsehoods.

The growing levels of desperation by politically challenged Hichilema to concoct the alleged raid to fish for imaginary weapons at his farm’s in laws and from their grass thatched dwelling house is regrettably shocking.

Mr Hichilema went on rampage and took it to social media to circulate the images depicting the disputed police activity at his relatives in Shibuyunji District.

Mr Hichilema has been exposed in a web on telling lies on the cyber space falsifying the operation unknown to the police command calculated to portray himself as a victim of political battles.

Perhaps this is why we urgently need the Cyber Security Bill to be enacted into law before the automatic dissolution of this life if Parliament.

It is also shocking that Mr Hichilema could be quick to rush to social media to lay his grievances from raw information elicited from third party is gross irresponsibility as he ought to have followed laid down procedures in laying complaints against law enforcement agencies.

HH even went greater lengthy to parade villagers and under his direct supervision made them to give a narrative that was purposefully made to suite his ambitions of painting his perceived political darker than the colour black.

Mr Hichilema’s recklessness in taming his tongue made him draw premature conclusions each time his privatization ghost gives him a good run for his money.

It is irresponsible for him to ride on falsehoods as a catalyst to step his defeat which is just 6 months away.

HH has a well documented history as a purveyor of misleading information and he has an opportunity of retiring from politics honorably by restraining himself from using sensitive institutions which he knows so well can rarely respond to him publicly save the mercy of other stakeholders coming to their defense.

He does so knowing that the inability of institutions from responding to him publicly would be the easiest way of seeking sympathy from the people of Zambia.

In addition to the latest misleading information that Mr Hichilema has been exposed, we wish to remind the people of Zambia the following misleading statements that he had made in the past:

1. On numerous occasions, Mr Hichilema has consistently accused the state of plotting his death more especially when he is summoned by the police or whenever some private citizens intimates their intention to report allegations of his improper conduct to law enforcement agencies. In some instances he has been summoned to the police and after protracted interrogations, Mr Hichilema has been released without any stain of harm on his body or that of his cohorts.

2. In 2018, he accused the Government of having sold the Natural Resource Development College in the abscene of any connecting link to substantiate his claims.

3. He is also on record on standing on am anti-hill and accused the Government of having sold ZAFFICO when in actual sense the Government was merely undertaking some structural changes aimed at promoting good corporate governance practices.

4. In 2018, HH lied that the Government had sold the National Parks yet he did not disclose who the buyer was and how much the purchase, transactional contractusl costs inclusive of other terms thereto.

Clearly Mr Hichilema should be ashamed and show remorse that he can earn himself a reputation of a pathological liar whose political survival is somehow dependent on the constant deception.

We urge Mr Hichilema to reconcile his claims with the side of the story given by the police command.


  1. Am surprised that HH could tell the nation such a big lie which could plunge the nation into flames of fire. Is it not a very serious offence to alarm the nation with such big lies? If it is true he made such a big lie he must not only apologise but should also be prosecuted.

  2. Hopefully, you will also publish the correction by the police. Why have we become so polarised in Zambia that we are ready and willing to believe lies if they are told by our favourites and will not believe the truth if it is told by an opponent? The media is leading in this. When the truth is not palatable and shines the spot light on the ruling party, the state controlled media will not report. They will report any small thing that is bad from the opposition. The so called ‘independent’ media are the worst polarised.

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