By Marvin Chanda Mberi

We have consistently pointed at the pitfalls in the eleventh hour which seemingly is ostensibly has ushered a new era of autocracy in the UPND Presidency.

We are also of the view that if UPND was a popular organization, there is no way the position of party Presidency would have gone unopposed, it would have been up for grabs.

We are now fortified that the UPND had created the environment to legitimize unopposed candidacy way before by expelling key potential contenders such as the two former Vice presidents; Honorable Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Dr Canisius Banda.

The dual were dishonorably hounded out from the party and we believe it could be that they had the numbers on their side to terminate the life Presidency of the 5 time losing Presidential candidate.

Having HH going as unopposed candidates raises two possibilities; either the party has stunted growth or the party has personalized the top job to a single individual who rose to the leadership with hands tainted with tribalism, violence and intimidation of the opponents.

By embracing processes which are alien to the tenets of our cherished democratic principles, HH has rigged it’s convention, it’s processions are highly trickery as he has ushered in the National Management Committee Committee which is answerable to him and not to the General membership.

With such organizational discrepancy, it is very likely that if elected Republican President, his primary task evidently is likely to weaken the institutions of government and make them amenable to him.

His conduct as UPND President is not consistent with his promise to run an a accountable government.

For instance, the recent revelations that HH will have the sole prerogative about 30 members (proportionally 30%( to be nominated in the national Management Committee who will rank parri passu with elected members is evident that he has despotic powers at the helm of the party.
It is inappropriate comparison with the practice of the Republican President to nominate 8 members of Parliament (equivalent to the 8 per cent composition of the plenary body of Parliament).

On the other hand, we note that the convention was held on a Sunday and this is the apprehension of business to the Sunday church goers.

They have also clearly shown that their membership is mostly by those from the the named religious grouping by holding on the day that is convenient to them.

These are a team of blunt politically dishonest people who have no shame putting it in the faces of the people that it doesn’t matter how they get to the top as long as one HH is the subject.

This is a classic political manouver that has nailed them to a tree of political defeat.

As regards HH going unopposed, it is our considered view that this is evident that the UPND has remained an unattractive to the people of Zambia.

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