FORMER UPND Kafue Town Council Chairman Thomas Zulu popularly known as TZ says Hakainde Hichilema will never win as Republican President because he has an unforgiving heart.

Drumming up support for Gen Moono Simakoloyi after the PF candidate successfully filed in his nomination papers yesterday, Zulu told PF supporters that HH treats his followers differently based on which region they belong to.

“HH will never be president of Zambia because he has an unforgiving heart, he segregates his followers, those that comes from his preferred provinces are highly favoured.” Zulu said.

Zulu stated that he decided to leave UPND after he was suspended for lobbying for development in Kafue from government adding that UPND is demon possessed for preventing its elected officials from engaging government on issues of development.

” l resigned leaving all the luxury trappings of that office, if l wanted I would have pleaded or begged UPND to spare me from the unconstitutional wrong decision that it had undertaken to suspend me wrongly where they even failed to state the crime i did on their charge sheet.” Zulu added

But Lusaka Province UPND Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta rubbished Zulu’s claims saying TZ was trying to prove his relevance in PF by insulting HH and UPND.

“You know Sichone, one qualification to get a job from the PF government is that you need to be good at insulting HH and UPND as a whole. Zulu is looking for a job from PF because he is hunger stricken.” Mwaliteta said

And UPND Kafue member of Parliament Miriam Chonya has urged Zulu to concentrate on issues not attacking HH.

“My comment on this issue would be to advise TZ to concentrate on issued based campaigns and not talk ill about HH. PF knows for sure that HH is forming government in 2021, this is why they are talking bad about him to try and discourage people from voting for him” said Chonya



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