By Kelvin Kayumbwe
31 December 2019, Chongwe, Lusaka

It is really heart breaking to hear lamentations of one strong willed iron lady agonise to the point of shedding tears going by how upnd has abandoned her and treated her like a door mat despite salvaging support for the party including putting her royals (Nkomesha) in harms way with the regime for the sake of upnd.

Silvia Masebo has accused opposing upnd leader HH of being grossly ungrateful to the people who have done the party a great deal in terms of supporting it.

“I have been accused of a lot of things such as being responsible for the exit of important figures, surely when did I join upnd and how many important people left upnd before I joined? asked emotional Masebo, each time I advised hh not to trust those who claim to be coming from intelligence, he always said am powerful am controlling systems I know better, surely if the intelligence has been on HH, how could we be hitting headlines with embarrassing lies rendering us useless? I have suffered for my honesty opinions in upnd, problem with hh he thinks just because someone speaks Tonga and bears Tonga names and claims to be from intelligence then he will believe everything , this is so because hichilema has never worked in government, national intelligence stands for so much more than partisan politics, hichilema doesn’t know that his wife can even be an agent of state intelligence, this goes to illustrate a point that the institution is way too much in terms of its beliefs and tactical way of keeping the nations from selfish stubborn unpatriotic leaders like HH.

Instead of bearing responsibility that he mistreated GBM, major kachingwe and canisias banda he still wants to shovel that blame to me. I will teach hh a bitter lesson ,I have several names am called on political scene depending on which side I showed people, believe those names

I am hurting quietly but am not stupid, I am close to important men in upnd, they come to me, when GBM was quiet they scandalised him as not having been accepted, now there he is, given a strategical role to do what he knows best and its over for upnd mark my words. Upnd started avoiding me when I advised them in a group to stop stupid propaganda that GBM contemplating coming back, honestly how stupid can GBM be that 75 villagers voted against him foolishly including hh then he returns? Please don’t misquote me, am not joining pf I will retire in upnd when I retire HH. Let’s enjoy our coffee.



  1. If you want to know a crocodile ask the hippo. Madam Masebo is a very patient character and for her to speak like that, just know that she is so frustrated that she can’t contain her frustration any longer.

  2. Mwebantu is extremely negative and dishonest when reporting about UPND and its members. Their reports are full of lies. Remember the shameless lies in their 31 December article about HH appointing a Tonga ward official as party Vice President and replacing Mrs Nalumango, Mr Katuka and other top office bearers with Tongas. I strongly believe that even the article about Ms Masebo is a lie. Please Mwefinama, oh sorry mwebantu, you can do better than the stupidity you display in your stories.


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