‘HH is struggling to find running-mate’

IT will be very difficult for Hakainde Hichilema to find a credible running mate for this year’s elections, PF member of the central committee, Kebby Mbewe has claimed.

Mr Mbewe said in an interview that there is no credible politician who would risk working with Mr Hichilema, the UPND president as a running mate because of previous experiences.

He said no one was willing to be running mate to Mr Hichilema after seeing the high turnover of UPND vice-presidents that were used and discarded. Mr Mbewe said a chronological account of the individuals who held the post of UPND vice president and left unceremoniously was there for all to see.

“Look, it has been a while now since GBM left UPND, and the party has failed to find a vice president. I can assure you that it will be difficult for Mr Hakainde Hichilema to find a credible running mate. He just wants to use politicians for his personal interest and dump them.

Meanwhile, Mr Mbewe said no one wanted to kill Mr Hichilema and that his assertions that the bullets that killed prosecutor, Nsama Nsama and a UPND supporter, Joseph Kaunda were meant for him were baseless.

Mr Mbewe was commenting on Mr Hichilema’s recent remarks that the bullets that killed the prosecutor and a UPND supporter, were meant for him.

Mr Hichilema had made the assertion when he featured on Diamond TV’s Costa programme.

[Daily Nation]

One thought on “‘HH is struggling to find running-mate’

  1. The one-person who killed those innocent individuals in an execution-style is a professional and very well trained sniper who might have even been hired by the other camp in order to discredit the winning pf. It is most unlikely that pf would want to mess up it’s reputation when all roads point to their victory come August 2021. It is most likely that it is a case of, “cimbwi ukulila ninshi pali uko ashintilile”. One opposition leader’s comment(s) on the death of the duo (MTSRIP) came too quick toosoon. again ati, “Akabangilile kaipeye pulu”. Again, people shouldn’t dismiss why one opposition leader did not report to a police call up on the date he was required to. That smells some mobilisation and planning rat. Mu ciBemba ati, “ubishiku bwalubo mukote elo necimbwi cinye mfwi?”. Mmmmm!!!! bane.

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