Patriotic Front Cadre Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba populary known as GBM says United Party for National Development Leader Hakainde Hichilema has lost popularity after his rejoining of the Patriotic Front.

Mr. Mwamba who paid a courtesy call on Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila Tuesday aftertoon was speaking to Zambian Watch journalist in an exclusive interview at the PF secretariat.

He says Hichilema has lost popularity in the entire country after he (GBM) resigned from the UPND party.

Mr. Mwamba says if UPND was going to undermine him, they are headed for a rude shock because Zambians now know who Hakainde Hichilema is and his bad heart towards bembas.

He says he will soon meet with President Edgar Lungu to give him a detailed report on his coming back to the PF and the value he is bringing on board.

Mr. Mwamba says the time he was rejoining the Patriotic Front, the entire country and his supporters told him that forming a political party was totally useless and to just rejoin the PF.

“I’m happy to be back and be welcomed by my Party the PF i had left with all my supporters. If you listened to the time we addressed a press conference in Lusaka, i asked my supporters all over the country three questions which is, should i form my political party? Join an existing Opposition political party or go back to PF? You heard them they said we go back were we came from. So who i am i? GBM is GBM but i am nothing without my people in politics. So we have came back to work with our party” he said.

“So i’m extremly happy because i have a say in PF unlike in other Opposition Political Parties UPND to be specific. Voices like for GBM need to be heard unlike only for Hakainde Hichilema. But its good that Zambians now know who Hichilema is, he has a bad heart for the bemba speaking people”

And Mr. Mwamba has said that UPND has lost popularity countrywide.

“We are doing a good job. The entire country and some chiefs celebrated when i rejoined the PF. Clearly Hichilema has lost popularity on the ground but we are not stoping here. We are going flat out to decampaign him so that come 2021, we will return power as PF” he said.

Before an interview Mr. Mwamba met Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila at PF Secretaiat to harmonise on their diffrences.


  1. Shame ba GBM, very big shame on you. If only you knew that no body is listening to you at all. when all the masses have lost hope in the PF you seem to think that you have the magic to make PF popular after all the mess that they have created. Iyeeee bashi Chilekwa, you need help really you do. There is no substance in anything that you are saying. What value are you going to add to the PF apart from insulting them and asking them to consider you for business deals. Insala iibi saana fye. Don’t overrate yourself, you will die of shock bane. Don’t underestimate Zambians are not gullible anymore. You are a big big let down. Shame shame shame

  2. ifmuti fili pamo tafibula kushenkana. leave HH and Lungu alone the spirit of the Lord will touch them one day and they become good friends forever.


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