HH Is A False Tycoon And Political Fool, Why Steal Millions Of Money Annually From Our Poor MPs And Party Donors -UPND members

More and more UPND members are taking to social media to vent their anger and demand answers from our leader, HH on why millions of money donated to the party by our poor MPs and donas is not seen anywhere. Recently, UPND lost terribly in Western and North Western Provinces to PF due to poor funding while HH is keeping party money to himself.

While some officials who support him blindly believe that he is a leader scared of COVID-19 such that he has confined himself, others UPND members like us are saying he is hiding for stealing millions of party money because he is now exposed to the public.

“HH is a political fool, false tycoon and thinks he can continue cheating us by stealing from our poor MPs and donas of UPND “, Cholwe Mwiinga from Choma commented in one popular UPND WhatsApp group called ‘Tongas4Bally’. Trust me UPND needs a new leader for 2021 and not this false tycoon and thief of privatization.

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