UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has secretly conceded defeat in this year’s elections after reading the Political Climate and observing that their is no win of change. Mr. HH is said to be very furious with Zambians who seem to have a soft spot for the PF Government and President Lungu.

The opposition leader told his close confidants that with loadsheding now history and prisoners voting, his chances of winning the elections are now slim and this why he decided to change the UPND Constitution so that even after losing no one in the UPND will able to challenge him for the Party Presidency because his infinit tenure has legal backing.

The only positive HH is looking to get from this year’s elections is that the number of his MPs in Parliament is likely to increase which can give him and the UPND the chance of possibly impeaching President Lungu, a consolation he desperately wants for his defeats at the hands of President Lungu.

Mr. Hichilema is already looking at the 2026 elections with confidence because President Lungu will not be on the ballot which means the PF will have a new and lesser known candidate. He is also happy with the other Opposition Political party’s laissez-faire type of Politics which do not threaten the UPND’s position as the main opposition political Party.

HH stronly believes that he will win the 2026 elections without much difficulty because by then the majority of Zambians would have grown very tired with the PF as a Party and they would want to try out something new.

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