Mr. Hichilema failed to justify his lies that ZESCO has been taken over by the Chinese government. He is a very dull leader and this explains why he has failed 5 times, going to 6 times. He could not even give proper answers to simple questions.

BBC: Can these ZESCO claims to proven?
HH: We can’t borrow for consumption.
BBC: How can this issue be reversed?
HH: Us in UPND can’t borrow for consumption, we have to borrow for investment.

Marks obtained: 15% for attendance.

Class Teacher’s Comments: He is too playful and lacks concentration when answering questions.
Head Teacher’s Comments: He is repeating until he becomes serious.

Economics Teacher’s Comments: The ZESCO loan from china is for the Kariba North Bank extension and Lower Kafue Gorge Hydro, plus the recent one on Lusaka Multi Facility Economic Zone. So if it were to default, the Chinese would only grab Kariba North Bank. For Lower Kafue Gorge, the project is not yet finished, so how does the grabbing of ZESCO come in? They would run those hydro power projects at the most but even that is not likely. Even about the KKIA, it is not finished and we haven’t even started loan repayment. So this pupil is just dull.

Our Comments: The ZESCO debt was not for consumption as Mr. Hichilema and his UPND have chosen to portray it. Lies have short legs.

Zambia’s power deficit is not from such a far distant past for us to forget. How do you end power deficits if it’s not through investment in infrastructure development in power generation, transmission and distribution? How do you borrow to invest into prodution when you have no power even for domestic use?

People will soon know that the ZESCO debt was to ensure that the nightmares of load shedding were not to haunt us ever again. Money was invested in the Kariba North Bank expansion and the Lower Kafue Gorge Hydro Power Plant.

Even the power generation at Lusaka Multi Facility Economic Zone is what has enabled Zambia to have the first pharmaceutical company manufacturing ARVs and anti malaria medication for the first time to serve Zambia and the entire Southern Africa region. Can someone today wake up and say Zambia borrowed for consumption? The Lusaka South Multi Facility Economic Zone will house in excess of 300 manufacturing companies.



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