The turn round of Hakainde Hichilema, the UPND President after his release from four months incarceration on treason charges makes sour grapes for those who have been lobbying for his release.

The Zambian Catholic Bishops, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and Patricia Scotland, the Common Wealth Secretary General could be gnashing their teeth and even be embarrassed by HH’s stubbornness to the cause of dialogue.

While President Lungu has continued to show resolve and soberness to the cause orchestrated by those who have been appealing for dialogue, HH has not shown remorse to the extent of even going abroad to scandalize the Zambian Government.

As if that was not enough, HH actually jumped court session purporting that he had gone for medical check-ups in South Africa only to regroup with disgruntled opposition parties there to attack President Lungu, the Judiciary, ECZ and the sovereignty of this nation.

One then wonders what could have been the rantings or the dilemma Zambia could have found itself in if he was actually acquitted and not released on nolle prosque.

He could have definitely used the same judiciary to sue the state and make money to boost his coffers.

It now goes to prove that his appetite for power is so much and cannot be trusted anymore by any well-meaning human being; Zambian or foreign.

He has actually blown the process of dialogue to the edge and hope no one in his or her sober mind would again engage President Lungu to the cause.

Hard luck HH.

Wisdom Muyunda




  1. All what HH has done is tell it as it is, that does not mean he has refused dialogue no, but are you implying that he should cheat for the sake of that dialogue No he should tell the truth, dialogue should and must be their to pave way for peace after 2021, because only dialogue can correct the past mistakes which may prove harmful to our country’s democracy which has been dented too much of late by RB and crew


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