‘We have seen yet again the UPND leader celebrating a BBC Report about hunger in certain areas of Zambia.

In his usual style, he casts aspersions.

We ask where the UPND leader was when the nation gathered to pray for the rains?

We ask where the UPND leader was when the Moslem community gathered to pray for the rains?

The UPND leader is on record denying the existence of climate change. Today he wants PF in Government to say there’s no climate induced hunger in some parts of the Country?

Does the UPND leader understand why Government been distributing relief food? Isn’t it for the same reasons of hunger?

Sadly, we have become a country of negativity, even where there’s no need to be – thanks to the Opposition!’



  1. Desperate leader wanting to exploit every unfortunate situation for political gains. Have we never experienced hunger before in certain parts of our country due to natural couses like drought? Only a fool would celebrate such a situation because it can happen at any time regardless of who is leader of the country. We can only celebrate with a leader who is offering a solution.

  2. Comment: When leaders think only of state house they stop to think, how can you celebrate hunger in some parts of your nation it is because you as a leader is emotionally dead.


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