HH Angry With Chipenzi Over Miscalculation Of Voting System Which Subsequently Produced More Bembas In NMC, As He Doctors The Results In Fear Of A Bemba Take Over

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is reportedly angry with the voting system introduced last minute by McDonald Chipenzi and Jack Mwiimbu which led to total confusion and chaos according to HH.

Each of the 2,915 delegates was required to vote 70 times which meant 204,050 votes were to be cast. However because Southern Province had over 30 contestants whilst Notehrn, Luapula and Muchinga only had about 10 contestants each this automatically meant that the 20,000 votes in Southern would give an average of 700 to 1000 for each contestant whilst the 20,000 in each of the 3 Bemba provinces would automatically give Bemba candidates an average of 2,000 votes each.

This poor miscalculation and oversight on Chipenzi’s part forced HH to doctor the finally results tally in the dying minutes. So far the results announced by Chipenzi only amount to 100,000 votes, the remaining half which favour a total of 30 Bembas in the top 70 NMC’s have since been discarded under HH’s instructions.

The UPND Leader did this out of fear of increasing Bemba influence in the party and owing to the fact he does not trust Bembas. HH has since vowed to “cut off” the head of the emerging Bemba influence in the Party.

Because of this fear, Hichilema deliberately forced the delay in announcing of results after realizing that the confused system which wa s deployed was giving Bembas massive votes. Hichilema told off GEARS Director McDonald Chipenzi over the “foolish” system of giving Bemba delegates 70 votes each when they had fewer candidates to spread their votes across meanwhile Tonga party stalwarts and original members had to fight for fewer votes. In order to try and fix the anomaly, Chipenzi cherry picked half of all the results and the other 100,000 votes were discarded.

The UPND Leader has however assured the “real UPND” members that with the powers he now has, he will do everything possible in his powers to make sure he dilutes the emerging “Bemba influence”. On top of the 70 “elected” NMCs, he has power to appoint another 30 and this is how he will include many Tongas who failed to make it.

Chief Mukuni, a very keen follower of the UPND affairs was also equally concerned and he personally called President Hichilema to ask why he allowed such to happen. The Chief also reminded HH not to drift away from the foundation and beliefs of the Party. He echoed sentiments made by Sejani that Southerners were the custodians of the party and continuity was needed.

Mrs Mutale Nalumango after getting more votes than anyone is said to be confident of getting the vice President position but HH will not allow it. She will be given the Deputy Secretary General role as a consolation. HH is favoring the actual Secretary General position to go to either Garry Nkombo or Douglas Siyakalima.

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