Drama ensured at Puma Filling Station in Woodlands when the largest opposition UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema came out of his land cruiser to slap a fuel attendant over a K10 change.

Tension started when Mr. Hichilema, after refueling for a full tank, demanded to know why the fuel attendant on duty was not giving him back the K10 change from the transaction.

The fuel attendant then asked HH that he didn’t eat if he could be helped with the K10 for him to buy even Maheu ,but HH refused saying he needed to use it also as he doesn’t have money. The young man insisted, the situation that annoyed the wealthy politician and businessman who then stormed out of his vehicle seething with rage. Mr, Hichilema shocked onlookers as he pointed at the gauge and reminding the fuel attendant to give him back the K10 change.

Gilbert Banda – Lusaka.


  1. That’s his money there’s no problem about it. He has the right to have his change back. Nothing is for free, work hard my brother.

  2. That fuel attendant is an insult to the company and he must be fired.
    It doesn’t matter who the customer or client is, know your duties.

  3. Mr HICHILEMA, is right. The fuel attendant was supposed to ask the business man for the money is a faithful manner, unlike keeping quiet while holding to someone else’s money.
    Honestly I’m tired of bus conductors who hold on to passengers money, such that one can not board a bus without fear of being robed of ur money.
    Allow pipo to have their freedom, let the man make his personal budget, he didn’t wake up in the morning with plans to give the k10 to that man.
    Most of you know how annoying it feels when those pipo in Intercity bus terminus race towards you and your lagged, asking questions, lifting your bags. Leave pipo to have their space.
    To those of us that need help from others, please let us be honest as we ask for that help. Street kids(children) ask for money, they beg for it. Why would a fuel attendant( an adult) on salary robe someone instead of asking for the money honestly.

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