HH akapitilila in 2021 without the so-called small parties, says Chishimba Kambwili’s senior private secretary Fabian Mutale.

Mutale was reacting to a UPND supporter, Bright Chishimba on a Daily Revelation story that quoted him (Mutale) as saying that it was very disappointing that the sole National Democratic Congress (NDC) Roan member of parliament Joseph Chishala defied the alliance by remaining in the house when Justice minister Given Lubinda presented the Constitutional Amendment bill Number 10 of 2019 for second reading.

Commenting on that story, Chishimba stated that UPND could do much better even without “this nonsense and useless alliance where people can’t even stick to the rules given to them by their leaders.”

“NDC should know that without the help of UPND in the loan (Roan) by election there would (be) no NDC today and if such nonsense continue it’s even better to break the alliance that’s my take on this matter,” Chishimba stated.

But responding to Chishimba, Mutale, who goes by the name Umwaume Ta Chepa on Facebook, said Chishimba’s type of mentality was what was killing opposition alliances in Zambia.

He said the same costed UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema the Republican vice-presidency in 2011 because some of his supporters tell him “sir you can win alone.”

“Some of you UPND members are so full of yourselves so much that you don’t treat other opposition with respect! Dream on, without the so called small parties as you call them, even 2021 “akapitilila!” (IN PF CADRES’ VOICE),” said Mutale.

In response, Chishimba in apparent reference to the old picture where Mutale was wearing a PF shirt, with the words SATA 1 on it during the time he was in PF, said Mutale had no business talking about the alliance and should therefore stay away, saying 2021 will be very hot for the PF as they had already de-campaigned themselves.


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