HH abandons, ditches Kambwili

HH abandons, ditches Kambwili

HH is around Lusaka but he refused to go and attend judgment of Kambwili.

HH who was in Kasama yesterday but came back with a private jet today opted to stay home and watch Kambwili go to prison, via social media.

The UPND leader was heard yesterday saying he has his own issues to attend to therefore he can’t be everywhere.

Albeit, when HH was in prison for treason, Kambwili attended his court sessions including the day he was acquitted.

HH and Kambwili are in an alliance where they hope to remove PF from power in 2021.

Since Kambwili has been disqualified technically from representing Zambians anywhere, he will be relagated to a mere cadre.

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