“Help Me Convince HH To Step Aside Or Accept To Be My Running Mate Under The Opposition Coalition”, Mumba Tells President Chakwera

May the soul of Anderson Kambela Mazoka, the great son of Southern Province and founder of our party not rest in the grave especially now that we have dangerous political hyenas winking on the corner targeting to take over UPND using back door methods. While we think that they mean well to HH and UPND as potential alliance partners, it is sad and unfortunate to learn that Dr. Nevers Mumba is harbouring evil political intentions against our HH and has been secretly mobilizing support to selected local and regional stakeholders to help him contest as the opposition coalition candidate at the expense of HH.

From reliable sources, this is what Nevers Mumba is doing behind our HH in the name of building an alliance:

  1. He fully believes and wants our HH to be jailed over privatization so that we have a leadership crisis in UPND;
  2. Thereafter, he wants to convince our Garry Nkombo, Jack Mwiimbu, Douglas Siakalima and the entire UPND leadership to pick him (a non Tonga) to become the opposition alliance presidential candidate next year; and
  3. And if HH is not jailed before August 2021, Dr. Mumba wants trusted figures to convince HH to contest as his running mate because Mumba believes HH has lost trust and popularity of the Zambian voters over privatization scandals.

We thank God that our HH is still loved by some men and women in Malawi around President Chakwera who shared this evil scheme of Dr Mumba with Batoka Bulls in confidence. Dr. Mumba is politically evil and too dangerous to be trusted around HH. Why should he be lobbying Chakwera to engage HH and convince our Bally to his running mate next year? Why should we subject our leader to this demotion just because he is being targeted or may be jailed over privatization scandals ? Why should we allow unpopular Nevers Mumba to contest on a UPND or coalition ticket just because our HH seem to be losing popularity due to privatization issues ?

We know all Nevers Mumba and President Chakwera are old close friends from the Pentecostal church community background. Nevers Mumba was even invited to attend the official swearing in ceremony of President Chakwera in Lilongwe and the two get along very well and closely as former evangelical pastors. According to our reliable sources, it has been revealed that every week, President Chakwera talks to Dr. Never Mumba twice for not less than 20 minutes.

But thank God, our leader now knows that this is what Dr. Mumba has been sharing with President Chakwera of Malawi. Mumba has asked Chakwera to try and convince our HH to buy into the idea of contesting as a running mate to Mumba. This is total political nonsense and we cannot entertain it in UPND upon the death and grave of Anderson Mazoka. It is the worst political betrayal that HH is now facing where some conman and swindler called Pastor Nevers Mumba can be visiting influential people in order to convince HH to accept become Mumba’s running mate. How?

This Mumba wants respected people like President Chakwera to make HH realize that the PF government is after him and trying to contest the presidency will make him be targeted more and taken to jail before elections. This is the same message Mumba is trying to convince his boys in ZCID like Jackson Silavwe and his young brother Dr. Cosmo Mumba. Hence, Mumba is positioning himself as the alternative Presidential candidate for UPND and the opposition coalition. Now we know that this spoiled unknown and new young politician called Pastor Jackson Silavwe of Golden Party is his reliable partner in covertly pushing for this foolish and treacherous gospel among small political parties in ZCID.

Unfortunately, this Mumba is the man our leader has trusted to be meeting and negotiating with our partners and donors outside Zambia. Recently, he was sent to East Africa specifically to Tanzania and Kenya where he met key partners of the Opposition Coalition and raised some money for joint activities.

Sad enough, Dr. Mumba who was given U$400,000 donations in cash by Professor Lumumba of Kenya and Uganda’s Lords Resistance Army rebel member and funder embezzled the money by only declaring U$40,000 money in cash from our donors.This was only revealed in their usual virtual discussion between Professor Lumumba of Kenya and our leader HH few days ago.

“We agreed here, this donation of U$400,000 is not aimed at growing MMD or UPND as singular political parties. It is meant to help opposition coalition in the last quarter to mobilize Zambians to begin painting the PF government so corrupt, show deviance to the police, undertake countrywide demonstrations, defile law and order as well as wage war against the Electorate Commission of Zambia so that come August, 2020, Zambians must not accept the PF or Lungu’s political victory”, Professor Lumumba told our HH in their virtual discussion.

HH must open his eyes, Mumba has positioned himself as his political successor for next year and wants to enter State House using a back door on the wheels of UPND. God forbid, we shall not allow it, Garry Nkombo must not allow it, Jack Mwiimbu must not allow it, Douglas Siakalima must not allow it, and indeed UPND must not allow it. HH must not trust Mumba or try to bring him close because he is after his political life and seat. Mumba is a Judas Iscariot around our leader and he is a poisonous political snake trading dangerously.

UPND has able and enough leaders to succeed HH and we already know them. Dr. Nevers Mumba is a fool, a true political fool for himself who is wasting time and day dreaming. Go back to the church and preach than scheme evil against our leader. Please, please, please our leader, don’t allow Nevers Mumba near yourself or entertain his crooked thoughts, he prays against your political life, he schemes your downfall, he wants you jailed and he is consulting and gossiping to have you dethroned in the name of opposition coalition.

Be forewarned our leader, be forewarned our Bally, and be forewarned our HH. We love you! -batokabulls

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