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Kwacha Times is among a few institutions and individuals that doesn’t beat about the bush. We say things the way we see them and how we feel about them.

That is why, yesterday, we asked our readers to unfollow and unlike our platform is they find it controvening what pleases them.

Today, we can stand up and express our true feelings over anything, regardless of how unpopular our views are.

How many of those out there can behave in a way that we do, to state things as they’re without wanting to sound otherwise?

We are today witnessing the most high level of hypocrisy from a number of people over the jailing of Chishimba Kambwili.

We all know, Chishimba was jailed because he committed a crime and the law was passed in agreement with what is provided for under the Constitution of Zambia. There is nothing unpleasant about that.

However, we are not the only ones who are celebrating Chishimba’s fate. Hakainde Hichilema is among those who are happy to see Chishimba in prison. While we’re celebrating not because we wish bad for Chishimba but because we believe Justice has been served in this regard, characters like Hakainde are celebrating because the jailing of the NDC leader makes it more easier for him to sideline him.

Hakainde did not believe in Chishimba. All what you saw was crocodile love for political expediency. Since the time Hakainde and Chishimba became bedmates, it has been a nightmare for the UPND on how to discard the NDC without having to seem like selfish people. We know that UPND and NDC together with other insignificant one man parties are in some form of alliance to dislodge PF from power.

While for NDC and other small parties, whatever alliance they think there are in is purely based on a mutual coexistence, for Hakainde and his indoctrinated minions, they just need their partners to back them. Hakainde has never wanted to sit down with anyone to discuss about a mutual fusion. He has never been willing to sit and talk about how to share power. All he wants is parties and their people to back his party in the next election.

Chishimba is not someone you can expect to act as your door mat. It was more difficult for Hakainde to discard Chishimba than it is to win an election next year. Discarding Chishimba meant that the NDC would destroy UPND’S chances to win power. Therefore, it has been Hakainde’s prayer that Chishimba must willingly back off from the alliance. Chishimba’s sentencing provides Hakainde with relief on how to do away with NDC. It is now easy for Hakainde to appoint a fellow Tribalist to be his running mate on the pretext that Chishimba is in jail.

The happiness of Hakainde in this whole thing is seen from his behaviors.First, the same UPND lawyers who represent him are the same ones who hastily withdrew their representation from Chishimba at a critical moment. Why?

Of course, it was at the instruction of their pay master Hakainde.

Secondly, Hakainde knew very well that his alliance member was going to be in court for judgment but opted to drive away from town to go and attend to a second grade case of a mere member Patrick Mucheleka.

We do not intend to belittle Patrick but when we weigh the significance of the two; Chishimba and Patrick, it is the former who should be more important to Hakainde than the later.

Once again, Hakainde has finally found a perfect excuse to ditch, to dump and burry Chishimba. We will be proved correct in few days to come.

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