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THERE is a lie that has been told by UPND leader and his blind minions that government has sold the utility company ZESCO to China, as well as ZNBC and the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport –KKIA.

This propaganda started with a pro-imperialist publication African Confidential detailing lies, specifically about Zambia. In Zambia here, the lies have been carried out by Prime TV. For whatever these lies are, they are not against Edgar Lungu as an individual, these are lies that these thieves are spreading against the people of Zambia.

It takes little knowledge, if a little is all that one has to realise that this propaganda against Zambia that has been launched was a perfect calculated plan – it surprises less that, a few days after that African Confidential report of lies was preceded with Hakainde’s interview with BBC where he spoke bad about Zambia. In that interview, Hakainde condemns China, and praises IMF and his masters in the West.

When African countries dealt with the West and its unsuccessful systematic aid laden with all sorts of conditions of destabilization and exploitation, China then, as a poor country never made an issue out of it. Today, the dogs in the West are busy barking merely because China is in front of them, in trade and other partnerships with Africa.

What bothers us is not the fact that the dogs in the West are complaining – of course they will complain given that, they have lost that hegemony over the world right into the hands of China, a country they are so envious about, but cannot admit it.

What we are concerned with is the extent to which Hakainde can go in order for him to enter State House. Hakainde told his master’s owned BBC that Zambia is borrowing from China for consumption yet as we have seen, the loans that were recently contracted from China had specific targets of infrastructure development such as to renovate the Mulungushi Conference Center which is set to host the African Summit. It is okay for anyone including Hakainde to talk about the demerits and merits of any project the government is borrowing for but it is wrong to project lies, by claiming the monies are meant for consumption.

We have said before that, Hakainde lives a faked life. What he conceptualises in his mind, he bags as the gospel truth and has his blind followers believing into it while the truth is left to neglect. That is why, for a long time, Hakainde had managed to make his minions believe that he was the President of Zambia, and that come December 2016, he would be sworn in by the courts. Until today, Hakainde has made his supporters believe that the Constitutional court is still hearing his petition, and will soon nullify the election of Edgar. This is the extent to which Hakainde has mastered the art of lying, of being dishonest.

What leaves jaws dropping with Hakainde’s dishonest is the extent he is willing to go in order to win power. This man can do just about anything for power.

The Zambia-China relations debate offers us another opportunity to see Hakainde for what he is. It is not deniable fact that the West and its means of systematic aid to African countries have ingrained exploitations. They want you to get money from them on conditions that are lucrative to them, such as legalization of homosexuality which is often than not, against the African cultures and customs as well as against divine authority. They want to arm-twist your hands into their own way of democracy, where they present to you their choice of leaders and ask you, systematically to vote for such, as opposed to a free democracy where people vote based on their preferences.
The West’s insistence that they know it better than Africans, and are placed to diagnosed the remedy to our conditions and circumstances are the concept we must all rise against. Failure to reject the West and its sponsored elements like Hakainde is a betrayal to the liberties fought by our African heroes such as Steve Biko who died fighting the noble cause of Africans. The West’s, meddling into our affairs; by deciding who we should deal with is hackneyed and mast be fought with vigor.

It is most unfortunate that we still live with elements among us such as Hakainde and his bunch of blind followers who is willing to go to bed with the very people who have robed Africa of its dignity, its customs and its freedoms. What the West and it’s useful idiots like Hakainde must know is that, however benevolent Africans may seem, we are still hurting at what they did to us in colonial times. This is a fact that our forefathers may have buried but it has not been buried for all. In South Africa, they have embarked on revisiting these issues on the land where land is set to be given to Africans without compensation. That is enough signal for them to know of what is coming.

As for Hakainde, if he could rip-off Zambians from their assets, by colluding with the West during privatization, after being hired by government to evaluate the true worth of assets, by undervaluing prices of mines and other strategic assets, then there is no difficulty for him to do the same now, with the same West he dealt with a long time ago.



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