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ON his official Facebook page, United Party for National Development –UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says “We as Zambians will not allow anyone to sell our land and State assets that our forefathers fought for in the early days when it was considered a thick forest, with nothing”.

Hakainde says that his party has a clear land and state policy and it is Zambia and Zambians first.

When did Hakainde consider Zambia first above his own interests?

They say actions speak louder than words – over time, Hakainde’s actions have proved that he is an unpatriotic self-centered man willing to shred Zambia’s prospects at any opportunity, if he is not the one who is governing it.

We remember vividly that Hakainde, together with a bunch of his blind followers had once gone to South Africa to hold a press conference where he discredited Zambia in whole and spoke ill of Michael Sata’s government. While Hakainde held and still holds a right to his opinion, it is difficult, just like it was then, for anyone to understand why he had to hold that conference in South Africa, when the people he purports he talks on behalf of are in Zambia. Certainly, that is not how patriots behave.

At every glance, Hakainde is unashamed to parade this country as a failed state, merely because he is not elected into office. Zambia, to Hakainde’s eyes is bad as long as he remains in opposition, and anything others in power do is evil, corrupt and must be rebuked. Hakainde is willing to send this country into all sorts of misery, if that is what it takes for him to become President.

Yet, this is the same person who is at the centre of the exploitations of Zambia and its assets during the liberation of the Zambian economy when this country sold most of its assets into the hands of investors. The argument put that Hakainde was not in government then, to have benefited wrongly in those transactions is defective. As an individual contracted to evaluate the prices of those assets, Hakainde conspired with would-be investors and underpriced the actual costs of those assets to willfully disadvantage Zambia and to the advantage of his fellow parasites. At the back of the stage, Hakainde was awarded with hefty compensations and kickbacks to the tune of $13 million and in other instances; he was awarded shares in the same companies that were privatized by the Zambian government.

When the citizens of this country called upon Hakainde to offer them a service as their own, he exploited them. Today, he wants to have us believe that his policy in his Bantustan party is that of Zambians first, merely because he wants a pass into state house.

If Hakainde could rip-off Zambians while he was not in government but engaged as a consultant on the evaluation of the assets, what more when given chance to be President? Clearly, a monkey who’s not a resident of a field but is capable of preying on grain while it is bound must not be trusted when unbound and put into a maize field. Equally, goats cannot arrive to their intended destination if the driver of the wagon is the hyena – we all know how gluttonous a hyena is.

Just like Fred M’membe once remarked; Hakainde is a dangerous opportunist, a dishonest hypocrite. His sudden change of colour over patriotism and taking Zambia first above else clearly stands at par with his behavior in the past.

We must not be so surprised at all this because throughout his public life, Hakainde has lived a faked life. Even his self-rated affluence is all fictitious. What he conceptualises in his head, is what he wants everyone around him to bag as the truth. This is the same calculation and conclusion that late Levy Mwanawasa reached about Hakainde.

Prior to the death of Mazoka, Hakainde had an audience with Levy where he complained of having been denied opportunities by then MMD government because he was considered a member and supporter of UPND. Hakainde denied ever belonging or supporting UPND. Astonishingly, a few months later after Mazoka’s demise, after being challenged by Sakwiba Sikota over his eligibility to become party president on the premise that he had not been a member long enough, Hakainde claimed that he was a bonafide founder member of UPND and as such, he was qualified to be party president. This incident highlights, once more, that Hakainde is a serial liar. Either he lied to Levy or he lied to his tribesmates in UPND.

It counts as no surprise at all today that Hakainde with his friends in the West have engaged into the most dangerous propaganda aimed at alarming the people and painting black Edgar’s government over its relationship with China. What is clear, and the people must know is that; however benevolent, no single State has any interest in helping another State with any sort of aid without strings attached. Because of this, the receiver must worry less of the giver but of the strings attached. While it is true that China is set to exploit the receivers of its loans, what is also true is that the West that Hakainde represents has raped Africa of its identity, dignity and robs it of its own culture and customs. For them to give anything, the West requires adherence of their own set social, political and economic conditions. They want you to legalize homosexuality against your own values. They want you to have a person as president whom they want and not who you want. They want you to use the monies in industries or sectors of their choice, which are a direct benefit to them as suppliers of certain comedies consumed in such sectors. These are the elements that have embarked on discrediting the relationship of Zambia and China. And these are the elements that have hyped Hakainde’s strings of lies, hypocrisy and opportunism.



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