A grade 11 pupil of Chambishi on the Copperbelt Province has given birth to conjoined female twins also known as Siamese twins.

The 19-year-old who has not been named gave birth to the rare twins on Thursday evening at Kitwe Central Hospital.

The twins who are joined at the chest and abdomen face one another, and, are reported to share a liver from evidence of imaging studies.

Officials at Kitwe Central Hospital say the chances of separating the twins who so far are in a stable condition are good. The twins each have separate functional hearts though they are separated by a thin cavity.

The mother of the twins says she was told that she was carrying a male baby when she went for a scan during her pregnancy and was surprised to be informed that she had given birth to conjoined twins.

Conjoined twins are identical twins and are an extremely rare occurrence once in more than 50,000 given live births.

The last conjoined twins recorded in Zambia were born in Lusaka in 2015.


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