Government Condemns Disruption Of Radio Programes By Suspected PF Carders In Muchinga Province


..Says government remains committed to the promotion of citizens rights including freedom of expreession

Sunday…May 17 2020 (Smart Eagles)

Chief government Spokesperson Hon Dora Siliya has condemned the reported incidents involving suspected PF carders who attempted to stop a radio programe on Muchinga Radio that featured UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and for barring him to feature on Mpika radio.

Ms Siliya notes that it is a violation of the IBA act an embarrassment to government and its leadership for any person to procure other people to storm a radio station and disrupt a broadcast programe or to order a broadcast station to operate in a certain manner.

Speaking during a press briefing this morning, Hon. Siliya the two unfortunate incidents have no blessing from government and assured that government remains resolute in its support and promotion of media freedoms in the country as can be seen by the growing number of licensed radio and television stations.

“It is important to appreciate that broadcast houses have standards to which they conform and therefore, if any person is aggrieved with any radio or Television programe, they should follow the complaint procedures as outlined in the IBA act to seek redress, as has been demonstrated by very high ranking officials in the ruling party before” she said.

Ms Siliya said that as the country continues to fight COVID-19, government appreciates any support aimed at enhancing the fight be it material contribution or information dissemination for as long as it is devoid of politics and further wish that Mr Hichilema would also use the opportunity on radio to encourage Zambians to join hands in fighting the pandemic.

One thought on “Government Condemns Disruption Of Radio Programes By Suspected PF Carders In Muchinga Province

  1. Using the same forum Dora should have taken advantage of promoting the rule of law to beseech appropriate action by the police. Every citizen must have their day to enjoy their rights irrespective of their political affiliation! Institutions open to public access must not be politicized! Politicians must grow up and grasp magnanimity!

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