Minister of Finance Felix Mutati has said that government was not involved in the manoeuvres to have the current Law Association of Zambia LAZ leadership removed.

Mr. Mutati said that it was wrong to insinuate that President Edgar Lungu and his administration want the LAZ leadership under Linda Kasonde changed.

Mr. Mutati said that government viewed LAZ as a partner who must start thinking together with the government on how to develop the country.

The Minister said that government wanted to see a united LAZ as it cannot engage with a fragmented association.

Mr. Mutati has however called on the LAZ to stay away from politics but maintain its professional integrity.

Speaking when he officially opened the Law Association of Zambia 2017 Annual Law conference in Livingstone yesterday morning, Mr. Mutati said government becomes worried when the LAZ starts acting like a political party.

He has also called on the LAZ leadership to always consult their general membership before making decisions or statements.

Mr. Mutati said that the country is facing many challenges and trusts LAZ to give fair positions on critical national issues especially on the interpretation of the law.

And LAZ President Linda Kasonde commended government for stabilizing the economy and taking steps to end poverty and promoting good governance.

Ms. Kasonde said that there was need for the government to be reflective on the voice of the people to improve governance.

She has also called on lawyers to stand up against any abuse of the law by the legislature, the judiciary and the executive.


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