“If you are unable to pay your own rent and decide to depend on your neighbour, he will come and attempt to adjudicate over an argument between you and your Wife. Who gave him the right!” says President Lungu.

Kawambwa, Luapula, May 27, 2017.


His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu stated that;

•As evidenced by our achievements – the vision of late President Michael Chilufya Sata, may his soul rest in peace, is still alive today and being achieved as we continue working for the people of Zambia. It is the same vision; we are working for the less privileged and for those in remote areas of our nation. We are working for the vulnerable.

•And like you have already heard from the provincial Minister for Luapula province, the construction of the Kala Marine Barrack has created up to 1000 direct Jobs for our people. And you should remember that these are just direct Jobs; the spiral effect is huge; the workers here have to Eat, they have to feed families, they have to buy Soap, they have to dress, these are indirect Jobs for the community.

•It is evident that the economy of Kawambwa has grown. It is not the same any more. (The construction of the Kala Marine Barrack is a $200,000,000 dollars project. It will host over 1100 Housing Units for the Special Marine Forces 48, a Secondary School, recreation Centres, Primary and Nursery Schools, Clinics among others infrastructure projects.)

•Going forward, we would like to be judged by our actions. Our people should not pass judgement on the PF government based on empty rhetorics or eloquence of speech but on what they can practically Sonta at. Our people are tired, 53 years now of trying to celebrate freedom on paper, it has to be freedom from hunger. It must be freedom from oppression; we are looking at the dignity of our people and their human rights. This is what we should thrive for.

•There is a lot of us who come from a humble background but have a story to tell because certain programs initiated by Dr. Kenneth Kaunda were robust enough to accommodate handouts. But in this era, we must inculcate values in our people. Values that should now be responsible in getting the very best out of them and contribute to our way of life.

•The Army here in working. They are into construction, they are keeping animals and growing vegetables. They are raring Chickens and at the end of the day, they minimize the outflow of income in their Homes. The same should apply in our homes; we should have a small Garden in our back yard growing Tomatoes, vegetables, Onions. We should keep Chickens and for some, even Goats. The ideas is to feed ourselves first and sale the surplus.

•For sometime, we have become too used to handouts and this only lead to oppression. We now have people who think they should own Zambia because we shouldn’t be going out begging and asking for help. Let us look to ourselves. When you fly over this country and you see the beauty, the Water, and the available land to feed ourselves, why should we be importing vegetables when we can feed ourselves?

•No one will respect us if we become economically dependent on outsiders. That is why now they even want to interfere in our political dispensation. Now, they want to start telling us what to do and what not! We are politically strong and free just not economically.
If you are unable to pay your House rent and decide to rely on your neighbour, he will come and attempt to adjudicate over an argument between you and your wife. Who gave him the right? And this is exactly what is happening to some African countries but should never happen to Zambia.

•Now they want come and regulate our governance. They want to tell us who to arrest, who to prosecute, what matters our Courts should preside over. That we can not allow. Because of our economic dependency, people now think they can tell the Army Commander what he can and can not do, what I can and can not do, they want to tell the OP what to do! No, we will withdraw Aid, they can withdraw Aid if they want but they would never withdraw our dignity and liberty and as long as we have that, we will struggle to achieve economic freedom. We will do so by getting our Army to do the right thing; to become more productive, to defend and serve. And that is just an example.

•Let us work to strengthen ou economy and this I can promise you, we will.


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