Harry Kalaba


By Chibesa Kalandwe II BA(UNZA), MSc(Arizona)

Harry Kalaba was a Minister of Foreign Affairs. Before that he served in different other Ministry’s. At his age, it was unthinkable for someone to have such a quick climb up the ladder. But he did anyway.

Kalaba’s rise however gave way to unbridled arrogance and a sense of self importance. He exaggerated himself and simply could not wait for the top job. So fake Prophets and conmen in South Africa took advantage and told him it was his time to be President. Every other weekend, Kalaba was a guest at Shepard Bushiri’s church in Pretoria.

In Africa, conmen will come and go, but Bushiri wins the prize for the most outstanding fake prophetic tricks, and so it was not a surprise that Kalaba prematurely resigned as Minister at the behest and instruction of Bushiri to become President.

This one grave mistake will bury Kalaba and consign him to the dustbins of Zambia’s political history.

Kalaba claims he will become President in 2021, but how does someone become President when he can not even participate ku chipinda chakwe in Bahati? Other than that, those close to Kalaba say he is a terrible man to work with.

Because of his disposition, officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated when he resigned. They could not withstand the rotten attitude that came from this pint sized person.

God is upset with Harry, let him go back to PF and seek reconciliation.


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