Get Inspired: She’s Only 22 And Has Employed Over 15 Workers To Help Carry Her Vision


Zambian, 22 years old Maanda Elizabeth Sianga is a young passionate and hardworking farmer who did the basics of agriculture with Mulungushi university, she believes that productivity and real life is in agriculture she says “I work harder to make it because reality is if agriculture goes wrong, nothing else will have a chance to go right in the country so I have chosen to give my country an opportunity to see that indeed young people need to see the value of agriculture at the tender age and that we need to break the misconception that agriculture is for elderly people as she told, “Girl empowerment alliance for change.”


She further explained how she started agriculture “I have always grown up in a farming background basically My grandmother used to farm and on school holidays I would always be in the fields with her, latter as years went by my mother also gained interest in farming and she began in 2009 that was another plus to me to learn new things, I only had a feeling that I love agriculture and I have interest in it based on seen how my grandmother my mother did it, so basically what made me take a step in agriculture is the great inspiration from ZAMBEEF in 2012, I was inspired by what they do and that’s when the zeal to start farming began after a few years, I worked hard that from 2014 I started and I used to sell and grow things in small quantities(Vegetables and Tomatoes).

In 2015 I was finally introduced in running the family business which I am now currently running, through my experience I have seen a lot of benefits in farming which are too massive you can feed yourself and also the people around you, you know that you will definitely not go hungry. You are able to support families by employing people in the community though I have faced major challenges ranging from the weather as well as the financing of projects inclusive the current reduction of water levels so be to overcome some of my challenges I try to be very consistent in my planting to be able to meet the demand on the market and I have worked harder made sure that my customers continue enjoying our services with great service delivery.


Maanda plans on investing a K16000 on a fish farming project where she wants to start with 5000 fingerlings she says “am doing this to encourage my fellow peers to look at Agriculture as a solution to sort out all the economic problems, I honestly picture the agricultural sector to be great and more powerful by 2050 if youths get involved, with youths I see it as a sector with so many young minds fresh ideas; I see climate safe, a time in which the levels of poverty are massively reduced, a time where malnutrition and food shortages are at zero because the main line of business is agriculture, I see a time in which there developed technologies in doing farming practices and having agriculture with right minds with necessary skill to be able to produce for the masses in Africa so I want alert the youths and make them realize that agriculture is the greatest and fundamentally the most important of our industries, The cities are but the branches of the tree of national life, the roots of which go deeply into the land.

We all flourish or decline with the farmer that’s the reason why agricultural growth is a proven driver of poverty reduction, it is already known that when agriculture stimulates growth the growth is twice as effective in reducing poverty as growth based in other sectors and the population of the world is growing and agriculture feeds the world and so if we do the math, there are more mouths to feed and the demand for agriculture products is increasing, so if we’re looking at agriculture as an industry that has to be for elderly people then development will be long more waited and unemployment levels will increase, so make up a great choice as a youth to venture in agriculture and feed the world and at the same time be a millionaire.

My future plans are to have green houses in which I can grow my crops, I also intend to go into the processing of vegetables to avoid wastage when they have not all been taken up by the market, I intend host workshops and trainings for young people who want to begin agriculture and just have a clue where to start, I would encourage young ladies with the passion to become entrepreneurs or farmers to go for it because they too can do it too, they shouldn’t be afraid of anything not even age or gender should stop you. Above all in whatever you do put God first. If you are in school as girl finish school remember nothing can stop them from being great or being who you want to become in life, you should never think its only men that have the ability to great things it’s all in us so get up and start working on yourself.


Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”” Maanda Elizabeth Sianga

Creativity is indeed powerful, if you want to make it big in life you have to keep this in mind that we are all different, we are all on our own path and no path is better, quicker or simpler to follow than the other. All our paths lead to exactly the same place ultimately. I believe we all navigate through life on our own terms and conditions, pace and willingness to experience what consciousness allows us to, there are great miracles that happen every day, your worst day could be someone else’s best day and vice versa.

So every moment here is planned, meant to be and everything happens for a reason, it’s simple, accept it. Live by it. Master it, and believe you can do whatever you can imagine, but you need to creatively imagine it first though and make something great and big out of it.


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