* The courts say the R&B singer must also cover her former manager’s legal fees.

It looks like Mary J. Blige is starting to find some light in her dark and messy divorce battle with ex, Kendu Isaacs.

The judge has ordered the performer to shell out $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support to Isaacs, according to TMZ.

While this amount might seem like a hefty price to pay an ex, it’s a much smaller amount than Isaacs asked for initially.
Blige’s former manager and ex-husband wanted her to pay nearly $130,000 a month to cover everything from his child support to his charitable donations.

Per the courts order, the R&B singer will pay retroactive spousal support dating back to September plus Isaacs’ attorney fees which means when it’s all said and done, Blige will shell out $235,000.

In addition, the judge says that during their union the couple lived well beyond their means and because they still owe millions of dollars in back taxes, they should be wise with their money going forward.


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