GBM warns HH that he will urinate on himself if he tries to visit Kasama

PF Vice Mobilisation Chairman Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) says he is banning his former Boss Hakainde Hichilema (HH) that he will be beaten if he attempts to visit Kasama.

GBM who served as HH’s Deputy before rejoining PF says he has officially banned the UPND Leader from visiting the Bemba Speaking provinces.

The threats comes after Monze Residents where HH hails from and enjoys much of support booed President Edgar Lungu when he visited the area last week.

GBM who has gone tribal against his former party says it will now be “An Eye for an Eye. I have today officially banned HH from visiting all Bemba Speaking Provinces.”

”Ndefwaya ukumweba HH ati if he wants to feel my weight, he should try to visit Kasama next year for campaigns”, said GBM.

Speaking to ZNBC News this week, Mr disclosed that he has now formally banned HH from visiting Northern, Muchinga and Luapula Provinces for failing to condemn UPND carders who waved UPND symbol on President Lungu in Monze.

GBM further warned that if HH tries to visit any of the three Bemba Speaking Provinces in 2021, he will have to blame himself as he will be beaten by PF youths until he urinates in his trousers.

“Its an eye for an eye, I have today officially banned HH from visiting all Bemba Speaking Provinces especially Kasama my home area, if he disobeys this order, he will be himself to blame pantu tukamulopola mpaka akaisundawile.”, he said.

And reports reaching Zambian Eye is that the two UPND Officials’ residents have been attacked in the early hours of today.

The reports are that a mob of armed thugs suspected to be from PF in Kasama early around 01: 00hrs attacked and damaged the fence of UPND’s Nathan Ilunga.

The armed thugs also attacked the residence of Everesto Bwalya, the Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, in a seperate incident.

These attacks come barely after the Patriotic Front national chairman Kelvin Sampa, who is also Kasama Central Member of Parliament declared Kasama and Northern Province a no go area for UPND and it’s leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Sampa also instructed his cadres to deal severely with the UPND members in the district as a measure to reteriate what transpired in Monze District of Southern Province where President Edgar Lungu was alleged to have been booed.

The PF cadres who wanted to force themselves in the house only scampered when the alert Chairman Ilunga came out to challenge them.

And at the residence of Bwalya, the PF thugs tried to force Mr Bwalya’s door open to gain entry but were repelled with force and they also had to run away.

The UPND Chairman Nathan Ilunga and Everesto Bwalya in the company of the Provincial Trustee Cephus Bwalya have since reported the matter to Kasama Police for possible action.

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