“Gary Nkombo challenges his boss HH to hold a UPND party convention because he also wants to stand in 2021. ”

Mwebantu News sources within the UPND revealed there is a faction called the “Tonga Separatists” led by Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo secretly trying to oust ailing Party dictator Hakainde Hichilema and asking him to hang his boots and let other lead the party.

The Team under the able instructions and using the powers vested in them by Gary Nkombo has been having meeting at a Lodge in Mazabuka owned by Mr Nkombo.

HH has been a dictator in the UPND and has never held any political convention since he forced himself to be party president in 2006 just after the news broke that its founder Anderson Mazoka died.

The circumstances in which HH placed himself at the helm of the party shocked many because he couldn’t even wait for Mazoka to be burried before he appointed himself at a Kangaroo convention.

Most UPND members of the central committee are backing up Gary Nkombo because he is Tonga and obviously a better candidate to easily market and challenge Lungu in 2021.

HH has been at the top leadership of the party for almost 15 years despite losing 6 times and appointing himself without any approval within the Party structures.




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