Garry Nkombo


By Staff Reporter

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Mazabuka area of Parliament Garry Nkombo stand at par. A source in the main opposition party has said.

The source says Nkombo is among the voices in UPND that challenged the installation of GBM as vice president and subsequently running mate to HH.

According to the source, Nkombo has built a huge support base within the party which is set to challenge GBM at a possible convention, but that Hakainde Hichilema is looking into ways to mute the position of vice president in order to preserve GBM.

“This is exactly what happened in MMD before 2021 elections. Rupiah Banda wanted George Kunda to remain vice president but the people did not want so they supported Mike Mulongoti. After noticing that Kunda would not win at the convention Rupiah froze that Veep position and expelled Mulongoti. So right now, Nkombo has created a camp, and it is believed that he himself is challenging Hakainde Hichilema while someone prominent is challenging GBM. You must not be fooled by that write-up on watchdog. Just look closely, even the English is uncoordinated. Garry Nkombo is very articulate, that English is not his, it was written on his behalf to curtail the questions as to why he has resigned as Chief opposition Whip,” the source says.

And the source has revealed that there are two camps in UPND with one fully behind Hakainde Hichilema while the other is against him and wants the leadership changed.

He explains that Garry Nkombo’s resignation as Chif Whip is not ordinary, adding that had it been so, he would as well have indicated that he won’t contest as MP in Mazabuka since he has been area representative for so long.

NB:The write up attributed to Garry Nkombo does not exist on his Official Facebook page proving that it is not his as can be seen from the broken English therein.



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