1. LUSAKA has recorded 90 New Cases of Cholera in various treatment centers. 35 are children and 55 adults.

2. Death from Cholera facilities remain constant. 3 were BID or brought in dead, 1 in Chelstone, another 1 in kanyama and 1 in Chipata Compound.

3. Beginning today, a Curfew or Restriction of Movement in Kanyama has been effected after 18:00hrs-06:00hrs for next 7 days, no trade and movement to allow the defence forces work on the situation.

4. From today, people from Kanyama should consume water from the Tanks put by government and not shallow wells. Out of 900 Water samples from Wells in kanyama, more than 800 tested positive

5. Almost all food from the streets in kanyama (mangoes, fish, meat etc have tested positive).

6. Pit latrines have continued to be treated by healthy workers.
7. More than 2,000 Wells of water to be buried in Kanyama. Water from Kanyama Wells should no be used even for washing.

8. 100 New water points of fresh water to be setup in kanyama.
9. The 8 Chinese that were admitted in hospital were admitted for diarrhoea, food poisoning and not cholera.

10. The following companies have been closed for contributing to the spread of Cholera ( Pick and Pay woodlands,Chopies Supermarket in Matero, SPAR mumbwa road, Debonairs Levy Junction, Shoprite Twin Palm, Davies Supply Woodland Extension, Steven Mwansa Meat Supply in Missis compound, Tendai Butchery in Kuku compound,Banda Butchery in Missis compound, New Hope Grocery in Kuku compound, Kankoyo Breweries, mahock restraunt in Kabulonga,Asian Party Levy Mall, Wimpy Levy Mall, Mika convention and Zambeef Kabwata) for various reasons surrounding sanitation and food safety.

11. The following have be Re-opened for meeting the recommendations HUNGRY lion Kulima tower, Hungry lion society park, Kumushi restraunt in showground, KUM and ET takeaway down, ZAZA takeaway freedom way.


12. Bars shall and night clubs remain closed in the epy centres.
13. In areas where Cholera cases are not recorded, Bars and night clubs will open from 11:00hrs-19:00hrs.

14. CHINIKA market has been declared illegal.Chinika market was created by people who left the streets and moved to Chinika ground and started selling from there.

15. A safe market will be created by ZAMBIA national farmers union were vegetables and fruits will be sold straight from the farm.





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