Veteran Broadcaster Frank Mutubila and Former Muvi TV General Manager Costa Mwansa have announced the launch of Diamond TV, formerly Mobi TV.
This follows a successful takeover of Mobi TV following the decision by the previous owners to put it up for sale.

Mr Mwansa who was unceremoniously fired from Muvi TV is the Station’s Chief Executive Officer while Mr Mutubila who was recalled from his post as Zambia’s Ambassador to Italy will serve as Board Chairman.

Mr Mutubila describes the partnership with Mr Mwansa as a one made in heaven.

” It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with Diamond Television. I have been associated to the media for over 40 years. Mine has been a long journey from the Zambia National Broadcasting services from 1970 to date,” Mr Mutubila said.

“In between I have worked for the British Broadcasting services and Radio Deutche Weller of Germany presenting quality programmes. I have also extended my experience to the diplomatic world, serving my country diligently as Ambassador to Italy while accredited to seven countries,” he said.

“My journey has now brought me to a dynamic television station being steered by an amazing broadcaster, my friend Costa Mwansa, fondly referred to as my ‘SON’. As chairman, I am not one for sitting on the chair – together with Costa this is a partnership made in heaven, as far as explosive programs are concerned our viewers are in for a special treat.”

And Mr Mwansa said viewers can catch Diamond TV programming on Channel 99 on the Go TV Platform as well as on analogue within Lusaka and the surrounding areas.

“As diamond TV we understand the huge demand for information and quality content in today’s digital space. That is why for us we recognize that “Creative content is king” and that is what we bring to the fore,” he said.

He said Television Re-invented seen as a very ambitious statement but very opportune with the dynamics that technology and internet bring about.

“The way that the world consumes information today is fast changing and this is why as Diamond TV we are set to penetrate and stamp our authority into the digital space of media and break traditional barriers’ of doing business. It’s about forward and futuristic thinking.”


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