Fighting For Tongas To Rule Zambia Is Making Me Popular – Austin Mbozi who said Michael Sata Was An Idiot And President Lungu Is A Swine Has Retaliated

By KT staffer

A Pro-UPND Lecturer Austin Mbozi says the Police must be very stupid for wanting to arrest him for saying the truth that Bembas and Easterners are dangerous tribalists who must not be given any chance to rule for the next 30 years to come.

He says if they arrest him, they must give him books to continue reading in prison and writing about Bembas tribalists. He says he is enjoying the fact that he is becoming popular adding that if the Police go ahead to arrest him, he will become very popular for fighting for Tongas to rule Zambia.

On 07th October 2018, Mbozi wrote a scathing letter in which he insulted late President Michael Sata whom he described as an idiot and that he warned people in 2011 not to vote for him and the PF. Mr. Mbozi also hurled unprintable insults against President Lungu calling him a swine among other things, apparently, because the Head of State allegedly sent the Police to go and kill a female UNZA student Vespers Shimazhila because she was Tonga.

Mbozi in his letter also said he is ready to be arrested and removed from UNZA because he can’t take it anymore. He said the only leader that will solve problems for UNZA student is Hakainde Hichilema adding that he will not rest until he makes sure that PF is “sorted out”.

In the letter, Mbozi stated that Zambia doesn’t belong to Bembas and Easterners adding that if he had his way, no Bemba or Easterner would have attended the funeral of Vespers Shimuzhila because they are the ones that have made sure that other tribes don’t govern Zambia.
“The fact is that PF is not voted for because of any leadership qualities. From its very foundation in its formation with Michael Sata, it was built around anti-Bantu Botatwe sentiments. The same groups that now vote for PF refused to vote for Harry Mwaanga Nkhumbula, the refused to vote for Anderson Mazoka, the refused to support the Levy Mwanawasa administration and and they still refused to vote for Presidents from specified regions,” Mbozi says.

“I say this because it is useless to condemn symptoms of the problem such as Edgar Lungu, corruption, brutality and so on when we know the root cause is tribal voting. You may condemn and condemn but the tribal votes will keep voting for PF even in 2021.”

The Police have now invited Mbozi to report to them for issuing out inflammatory statement and insulting President Lungu – he has decided to write another letter where he has removed the insults which he earlier wrote and is going to present to the Police.

However, he has also described the Police as stupid thugs who are working with PF cadres to brutalize people like him. He has said he is taking 6 books to the Police so that they can learn how to read and understand that Bembas and Easterners are tribalists. These remarks are contained in a video that is making rounds on social media where Mbozi has issued warnings to the Police themselves.
Although Mbozi looks insane even from the way he was talking, he looked serious about fighting Bembas and Easterners. He says he is going to die fighting Bembas and Easterners because he believes that for the next 30 years, they must not rule Zambia.



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