Players Status and transfer committee have ruled that striker Conlyde Luchanga and midfielder Mwansa Nsofwa are Lusaka dynamos players but the two players have been told to compensate Power Dynamos and they also have to pay FAZ K10,000 each.

According to a ruling made by the committee vice chairperson Mr Given Simusamba, the two were under contract with Lusaka dynamos and the Power dynamos contract are not valid.

This is in a case were Power dynamos took Lusaka dynamos to the Players Status and transfer committee following their refusal to authorise the transfer of the two players.

The Luchanga’s contract at Lusaka dynamos will come to an end on 31st December 2021 while Mwansa Nsofwa is on contract with the Lusaka side till December 2020.

The contracts the players have with Lusaka dynamos have been declared null and void but they have been fined K10 000 each and will have to compensate Power dynamos for the expenses incurred as the two parties may agree.



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