The Commission of Enquiry report is out and you must read it. Don’t wait for someone to read it for you and tell you his version.

The 2006 UPND convention is at the centre of the current regional politics when Mr. Hichilema used tribe to wrestle power away from an experienced UPND vice president in Sakwiba Sikota.

That single act destroyed UPND as everyone who hate tribal politics chose to vote either for MMD or PF. From close to winning the general elections in 2001 with 48 MPs, the UPND lost the 2006 general elections miserably with only 26 MPs.

Who has forgotten the Choma rally during the 2015 presidential by election at which the late Munkombwe reminded Southern Province that it was time for a Tonga to rule! This once again sent shivers down the spines of many Zambians.

Since 2006, no presidential candidate has bothered with votes from Southern Province as they are exclusively reserved for Mr. Hichilema. This truth, however, is denied by UPND cadres who want us to behave like ostriches.

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