… South African business executive pledges to market stunning waterfalls in South Africa


A SOUTH African businessman was on Friday last week shocked to see the Lumangwe Falls in Kawambwa district of Luapula Province.

Sam Mafomane, a representative of seven Seven South African company was in Luapula last week at the invitation of Provincial Minister Nickson Chilangwa.

Mr. Mafomane who had a successful meeting with Mr. Chilangwa in Lusaka told the Minister he and his partners had followed the Luapula Expo and were willing to be part of the investment agenda.

He said he and his partners had intended to put up a heavy duty construction equipment plant which would be of use for the many construction projects taking place in Luapula Province.

Mr. Mafomane later proceeded to Luapula Province to explore investment opportunities.

While in Kawambwa he had an opportunity to view the Lumangwe Falls and was amazed by the spectacular beauty of the natural wonder.

He said he had lived to think only the Victoria Falls in Livingstone existed in Zambia.

“Zambia is beautiful. Luapula is rich in terms of natural resources. Thank you for sharing with me your beautiful Province. I offer to market this wonderful natural resource to my colleagues in South Africa. I was thinking Zambia only had the Victoria Falls. So you also have the Lumangwe Falls?” We are surely coming back,” said a visibly happy Mafomane.


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