AWARD-WINNING gospel minister Ephraim says he is impressed with the success that his album ‘Teti Ntwishike’ has recorded since it was released.
Featuring on ZNBC TV2’s ‘Enter In’ , the singer revealed that he has continued receiving touching testimonies concerning the album from music listeners across the country.
Ephraim revealed that of the most shocking testimonies he has received was from a family whose dead relative came back to life after they gathered round his lifeless body and started singing his track ‘Teti Ntwishike.’
“The family just surrounded him and started worshiping God and just singing “Teti Ntwishike” and the guy came back to life just like that,” Ephraim narrated.
He went on: “And another lady was sick for some time, she wasn’t eating and then the family decided to play the CD in the house and the presence of the Lord just took over.”
The singer also revealed that none of the songs in the ‘Teti Ntwishike’ album were written down before recording — as is the case with most artistes in the music industry. The singer said he rarely sits down to write down his music lyrics. According to Ephraim, it’s the Holy spirit which guides the composition of his music.
In the title track – ‘Teti Ntwishike’, Ephraim sings he believes he has every reason to trust in the name which is above all names; Jesus.
But it is the opening song titled ‘Nimwebo’ where Ephraim declares his trust in God by acknowledging that He is above fame, riches or any impressive curriculum vitae.
The album contains several other touching worship tracks.
The gospel minister, who was born Ephraim Sekeleti Mutalange 34 years ago, shot to prominence when he released his testimonial album, ‘Limo Ndanaka’, in 2006.
But his defining moment came when Doxa Music released his multi-award winning album, ‘Lesa Takelesha’ in 2009.
With songs such as ‘Permanent’, ‘Wemutima Wandi Sekelela’, ‘Elyo Mulepala Bambi’ and ‘Alasanika’, Ephraim was thus fit to tag himself “the son of Africa”.


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