Edgar Lungu is our own Son says Lamba Chiefs as the distance themselves from Rejection reports

Lamba Chiefs have distanced themselves from statements issued by the Lamba Limba Royal Council stating that the Chiefs had rejected the appointment of Patrick Zulu as new Masaiti District Commissioner.

The Chiefs have since pledged to continue supporting the PF government as it seeks to deliver development to the rural parts of the Copperbelt.

Speaking at his palace over the weekend, Senior Chief Chiwala of the Lamba people of Masaiti expressed disappointment with the statement issued by the Lamba Lima Royal Council saying the Chiefs were not consulted.

Senior Chief Chiwala said this when Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo paid a courtesy call on Lamba Chiefs.

“If there is one Province in Zambia that is friendly and welcoming it is the Copperbelt. The businessmen and women we have in the Province today are from all over the world and this is why we call this area as a Cosmopolitan Province. Edgar Lungu is a product of the Lamba people, he is our own son,” Senior Chief Chiwala said.

“The President was born here, he went to school here, even if he uses different names but he is one of us from here and there is no way we can discriminate against one of his appointments, he said.

Senior Chief Chiwala advised the Lamba Lima Royal Council to work with government in order to achieve sustainable development and national unity.

“We need to embrace the spirit of One Zambia, One Zambia. I know some things were said and we took note of that and we have spoken to the members of the Association and they now understand,” he said.

Senior Chief Chiwala also thanked Mr Lusambo for donating bicycles and some Covid-29 prevention materials to help stop Covid19.

“We are happy with the coming of Mr Lusambo here, this is important in the strengthening of the relationship between government and the people of Copperbelt rural. We also discussed issues of how we are going to look at the people at the grassroots with the threat of Covid-19. We are happy he has donated four bicycles and Covid-19. Items.”

And Senior Chief Mushili of Masaiti charged that Lambas are not tribal.

Speaking through his Spokesman and Trustee Toby Mulekelwa, Senior Chief Mushili said his Chiefdom is ready to work with the new District Commissioner.

“As Lambas, we don’t segregate, we believe in one Zambia, One Nation. This province has accommodated all the 72 tribes ignoring Chinese and Somalia. We are disappointed to hear that Senior Chief Mushili has rejected Zulu which was false. The Lamba Royal, those are our brothers, they never consulted the Chiefs. It would be better to come here and consult the Chiefs. Fabricating non issues is very bad,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Lusambo said President Lungu is committed to strengthening the relationship between government and the traditional leadership.

“The President was shocked, discouraged and disappointed. Me as a Lamba, I am serving in Soli Land as Lusaka Minister. That statement created an awkward situation for us as Lamba working in other areas. I know some opposition parties would want to take advantage of the situation to alarm the people further. Let us continue being the friendly people we are,” Mr Lusambo said.

He said he was in the Province to assure the Royal Highnesses that President Lungu values the support and cooperation he has received from the Chiefs.

“I came to deliver message from His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, to tell you that he wants to strengthen the relationship between Chiefs on the Copperbelt and his office and he wants to assure you that he values your support and we are in this together as we seek to develop the living standards of our people,” Mr Lusambo said.

He added, “President Lungu is confident that working with you and other Royal Highnesses, we will be able to bring development here. Many issues have been discussed here and I will take those issues to the President.”

He said President Lungu was shocked and disappointment by the remarks attributed to the Council.

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