By Pilato.
The survival of democracy in Zambia does not depend on the PF and it does not depend on any other political grouping but on the quality of thinking of the majority of our people. It does not matter what type of politics one grouping is practicing but it matters what percentage of people is tolerating it. We have created a society that responds to money and not to ideals. Our politics have become a contest of big buyers. The one who spends more money, gets more people and more coverage. Those without money but with great ideas and programs for the country have continued to be sidelined. The people with the money are buying their way to the top. The Republican President moves with rich men in his entourage while the intelligent ones have continued to be victimised and frustrated in their work. It is true the Patriotic Front knows that to live a decent life in Zambia you must do business with the party or with the government or at the least, you must be in good books with Sunday Chanda and the cadres at Intercity. This reality is very disastrous but we as a society have tolerated it and it’s coming to haunt us all.

What the university of Zambia lecturer did cannot be condemned by some of us who have had an opportunity to learn that even a catapillar had the potential to fly and look beautiful. People have lost jobs just for disagreeing with the PF. People have been retired in national interest just for refusing to abuse their authority for the benefit of the president. What am saying here is Dr. Banda cannot be condemned by anyone of us because he is just a product of a society we’ve created. To belong to the Patriotic Front means to have power. It means you can find a job anywhere even if you don’t qualify. It means that you can do business with the government even without having any actual business. To belong to the PF means to be in charge and above the law. Ladies and gentlemen who doesn’t want that type of power in Zambia? But what does it mean to disagree with the PF? From my experience it means that you have to constantly watch who is following you. It means you have think twice when going to public places. It means that people and businesses will distance themselves from you for them to survive. It means that if you have a business it may face some systematic victimisation or may be closed down on flimsy grounds. The best society will do for you is pull you by the side and whisper their support in a faintest way. They will tell you “we are behind you” and it ends there. This is the reality the Mr. Miles Sampa faced and he couldn’t handle it so he had to cry his way back into the system. Am so sure Dr. Banda’s survival instincts were at their best.


Let’s try making life outside the PF easy. Society has a responsibility to guard against ideals that undermine our democracy. We have a duty to stop anything and anyone who brings about concepts that are detrimental to our values as a people.

Am out.
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