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THE Harry Kalaba led Democratic Party (DP) has negotiated a deal with UPND to dismantle Patriotic Front strongholds, Luapula, Northern and Muchinga Provinces.

In return, it is believed Mr Kalaba is poised to be UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s running mate in the August, 2021 general elections once the mission is successful.

However DP Spokesperson, Judith Kabemba said the opposition party was not aware of the UPND deal but that there was nothing wrong with DP working with other like-minded political parties to dislodge PF.

Citizens Democratic Party (CDP) president Robert Mwanza however said the marriage of convenience between Mr Kalaba’s DP and UPND was as a result of the financial challenges the party was facing as result of the downfall of its main financier Prophet Shepard Bushiri who was currently fighting legal battles.

Impeccable sources disclosed that UPND has been looking for a Bemba running mate and it is believed they had settled for the former Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Kalaba to deliver a Bemba vote.

The source said the DP was expected to destabilize PF in the three provinces while portraying a picture that regime change was inevitable.

“The DP has signed an agreement with UPND to dismantle Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Province,” the source said.

Ms Kabemba said the party was not in any alliance with any political party but was working with some opposition parties to deliver Zambia from PF.

Ms Kabemba however said the party leader Harry Kalaba would run for presidency and was not willing to be anyone’s running mate.

She said the DP was willing to work with any political party except PF.

“DP will work with any straight, non corrupt political party to deliver Zambia from PF because there is nothing wrong with that,” Ms Kabemba said.

And Mr Mwanza also said Mr Hichilema’s desperation for power was demonic and a clear indication that he does not mean well for the country.

“The desperation exhibited by HH has become demonic, he has been in many alliances that have failed to work because he does not mean well for the country. For HH everything is about himself all he wants is the presidency for selfish reasons,” Mr Mwanza said.

Mr Mwanza said both Mr Hichilema and Kalaba’s desperation for power will not help them win elections because Zambians known that they do not mean well for the Country.

If you look at the two they are so desperate for power ,Kalaba left government after Bushiri lied to him that we would be President of Zambia and Mr Hichilema has been in so many alliances that have failed to materialise,”he said.


  1. The problem with Kalaba is that he overrates himself and what he does. DP is a party in the political wilderness and if HH makes a mistake to think Kalaba will win him elections then he has not learnt anything in the last 20 years that he has been in politics.

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