By Chilufya Tayali

Trevor has been bubbling with hope and pride that he will be appointed as Finance Minister when HH comes into power, which is fine, but to issue biased statement in the name of Economist technocrat, is very wrong.

Below is a comment from Kunda Macintosh which I find so sensible hence reporting it.

Chilufya Tayali am seriously shocked to see Trevor Simumba flashing a UPND Symbol!

I held this man in very high esteem as an economist until today!

I am more shocked that right thinking Zambians here are not discussing that issue!

Every person has a Sure right to participate in Politics but technocrats like Trevor, Journalists like me, Pastors and others must clearly declare interests when they cross the Floor and incline themselves with a particular political party!

This is because various Political parties hold limited views about Zambia and this in today’s Country is unfortunately usually influenced by petty emotions or selfish interests!

Therefore a Politically alive So Called Economist can Never be objective in his analysis of our Nation!

It is unfortunate politics have claimed Trevor, he could have been very useful where we are going but at the rate he is going I doubt if that will be possible!



  1. Very few people are as sincere as Bishop Sichilima who has resigned on moral grounds. Many people including some men of God are masquerading as technocrats and yet hiding under the cover of their noble proffession. They can be wearing very attractive faces of being professionals while brandishing very ugly hidden and selfish agenda. But they will be easily noticed by their fruits just like the leaders of the three church mother bodies who have already been quite explicit in their biased conduct given the overt evidence shown by Bishop Sichilima’s resignation.

  2. Mwebantu I find your article very stupid and ensured. Trevor Simuumba though an economist is a private citizen with full rights to belong to a party of his choice. Being an accountant or a doctor or a lawyer does not prohibit any one from belonging to any party and flushing a party symbol.


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