Degree holder hopes to stop selling charcoal for a living


LAST OCTOBER, lan Musaba’s four-year job search finally paid off, landing him an appointment in the Ministry of Health. At least so he thought.

30-year-old Musaba had been job hunting from the time he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Zambia in 2014.

But on October 17, Musaba received a letter from the Public Service Management Division confirming his appointment as Human Resource management officer at Kawambwa District Health office in Luapula Province.

But before he could even report for duty, he was informed that someone else had taken up his position.

“I have been searching for employment for six years and at one point I was given an appointment letter in the Ministry of Health, only to be told the position was given to someone who had ‘connections’ in the system. And I have stayed with the appointment letter for almost a year now,” Musaba told #Kalemba.

Unable to find a job which he studied for, Musaba is now in a charcoal selling business to survive.

As an assistant, part of Musaba’s job description
involves stacking sacks charcoal in readiness for sale, after which he receives one or two bags of his own to repack in plastic bags for resale.

“Cutting down of trees leads to environmental degradation, depletion of the ozone layer, reduction in rainfall, change in wealth patterns. Therefore in this regard it worries me so much. And I feel sad that am doing this business which is harmful to our environment,” Musaba sadly points out.

With his current work, Musaba says he is able to raise K300 to pay for a rented room in Lusaka’s Ng’ombe Township.

Musaba however wishes he had enough money to start his own venture and leave the charcoal selling business.

He further wishes he could employ other young people, who like him, are struggling to find work or capital.

“I want to see a Zambia where people get what they deserve based on merit, not on tribal or political lines. And if an opportunity is found, l am still ready to work for my country because I’m a young vibrant professional,” says Musaba.

See Mutaba’s appointment letter…

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2 thoughts on “Degree holder hopes to stop selling charcoal for a living

  1. So even Public Service Management Division (PSMD) behaves like those people who will sell a plot of land to more than one person and when they all lay claim the one who employs “other persuasive” means triumphs! Musaba has a life experience story that he will later have to share and I find it admirable that he’s humbled himself to make ends meet while holding to hope life will take a turn for better at some point. If everyone was open to taking up honest job assignments in whatever form while searching for opportunity of desire attaining national development would be enhanced! PSMD has to pull their socks up on managing appointments!

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