DEC raid FAZ, seize Kashala’s laptop

OPERATIONS at the Football Association of Zambia were paralysed late afternoon after officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission took away general secretary Adrian Kashala’s laptop and his personal assistant’s desktop computer in investigations of Kashala’s involvement in the transfer of a player involving Nkwazi Football Club and NAPSA when the former was director of sports in the Zambia Police.

“…yes, first they went with SC Chifumu Banda, they asked for another statement from Kashala, then they were challenged by State Counsel saying you can’t keep calling us for more statements. And they had the constitution of Nkazi FC in their hands, which they referred to. Then they said they were going to consult. They came back, took them to another office where they took another hour just chatting and when one of our guys, Munalula came back, he took them to another office where he told them to lead officers to Kashala’s office and went together to FAZ, they read the search warrant and later just got the laptop and that of the his secretary, including three flash drives and an old desk top,” a source present during the ordeal explained.

The source said Kashala asked whether the matter was the same (transfer) one related to the allegations by Elijah Chileshe but the officers could not explain.

“We are all officers but it’s like they are acting on certain instructions just to fix Adrian. They are not satisfied getting rid of him from the police service for refusing to abandon their target, Andrew Kamanga. They are now fighting to get rid of him from FAZ as well. Ask Mr Chifumu Banda for details because he warned them that they are interfering in the running of football. Naise tidabwa chabe mudala, you are investigating a Nkwazi issue but you go and grab computers that belong to FAZ…it’s all political. They have all the documents related to the allegations but why going to Football House and paralyse all football operations?” wondered the source.

The source, an officer in the police, also wondered what DEC officers were doing with a Nkwazi constitution but went for FAZ property.

Kashala when contacted referred all queries to Banda who could not be reached as he was reported to be in a meeting at the time while DEC spokesperson Theresa Katongo’s phone went unanswered.

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