By Mwamba Peni II

When did we get to this level of pettiness and hatred as a people? Even after the USA embassy invited our own “Wakanda” to talk about his role in the Black Panther movie, some image builders of the main opposition leader still down played his role in the movie. They see him as belonging to the PF. Mr. Hjoe Moono took this picture from the movie theatre yesterday. I understand they paused every scene featuring Mutukwa and he stood up to explain his role. Did it have to come to this? It is this pathological hatred, malice and negative energy associated with certain people and media organisations who are in bed with the major opposition that sends fears down our spine to trust such a people with leadership of this country. This is very toxic. Yet you hear them on their rallies that they want to unite this nation. That statement should wake us up.

Our Comments…
The true characters of some of the leaders in opposition will be revealed before 2021 elections. They thrive on lies and deception. Yesterday, we ran an article about how one leader claimed he had PVT records indicating he had won 2016 elections but when he was in the Constitutional Court, he grew cold feet. We saw no evidence. Even when the case was thrown out, instead of apologising to his followers for having been misled, it turned out he was not because he still chose deception of the truth. He said he had appealed at the ICC and the ICJ would swear him as President in November 2016. He even had the courage to pull up another lie during a BBC interview that his petition was still in the Constitutional Court so he could only recognise Edgar Lungu as President once the case was disposed off. But it was the disposing off of the case that led to the swearing in of President Edgar Lungu. He has ploughed hatred and bitterness in his rank and file to the extent that when we post about these lies, his followers only come here to insult. How can such people claim to love their brothers and sisters from other political parties? You visit their platforms; ZWD, Zambian Scorpion, Kachema, Zambian Observer, etc. You would think Zambia is at war.

Let’s support our fellow Zambians who are raising our flag high with pride! Is that not what our national anthem says? Let’s separate party politics from progressive national issues.



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