Statement by PAC President.

Good afternoon colleagues,

We did receive the statement this morning on the decision to pull out of ZCID but we didn’t have enough time to digest it as it was short notice and it appears decisions had already been made.

It is our feeling that if there was a decision to pull out of ZCID, it would have been better all political parties were present because it’s not a small decision. In as much as we don’t agree with the behavior of ZCID and that our position is clear that the church must chair and lead the dialogue we believe such decisions cannot be made on behalf of other political parties in the alliance and cannot just be seen in a statement.

We appreciate that we were called for a meeting which we failed to attend due to limited time as we had attended numerous meetings in the same week. You may wish to know that we are busy with elections in Sesheke and also engaged in a number of other activities outside politics.

This is to inform you that our national executive committee will deliberate on this matter and communicate to the alliance of any decisions that may arise before any statements are issued.

You maybe aware that due to time I left the meeting early and was not updated on what led the other team walk out apart from the fact that they walked out.

We believe that any opportunity to bring the PF to the table and at least begin the dialogue even it fails will benefit us more than ending at this stalemate.

As indicated we shall communicate back soon.

Yours in National Service

Andyford Banda
People’s Alliance for Change (PAC)



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