Contraversial Zambezi Magic TV show, “Lusaka Hustle” has been suspended.

MultiChoice Zambia has said in the statement that the TV reality show has been suspended with immediate effect.

MultiChoice Zambia says they received a notice from the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to stop airing the program and the company decided to comply with the directive.

IBA stated that the program promoted ideas and lifestyle that the authority was not keen Zambians to be exposed to.

Multichoice however said that the firm will appeal the directive to understand the correct interpretation of the law on the matter.

MultiChoice said they were keen to promote local content on their TV channels but however, respected the laws of the country.

Lusaka Hustle is a TV reality show on Zambezi Magic and features artist Mukuni Mulundika(Kuni), and hip-hop recording artist and rapper, Cleo Ice Queen (Clementina Mulenga), and Thandi.

But its the contraversial personality of Kuni that drew sharpest criticism with his cross-dressing and apparent gay lifestyle that riled audiences and prompted both the IBA and Minister of National Guidance & Religious Affairs, Rev Godfridah Sumaili to raise the red flag.


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