( has HH won any elections ? Since he is also just a nominated by Upnd)

Governance expert McDonald Chipenzi has called for a review of the practice by Presidents to leave the instruments of power with nominated Members of Parliament when out of the country.

Chipenzi feels it is democratic anomalies to leave instruments of power with nominated MPs when there are elected leaders with citizens’ mandate.

He told Radio Chikuni that despite the constitution allowing the practice; it may in future be recipe for confusion as the dangers to the nation are plenty.
Chipenzi says nominated MPs have no representation and do not represent anyone save for their appointing authority and some have not tested an election at any level.

He says there is need to relook this provision so that only elected MPs who are also Cabinet Ministers should be left with the instruments of state power and Act as president in the absence of the President.

Chipenzi says the lacuna needs urgent attention including the practice of leaving an Acting president when the president is purported to be within the country as was the incident recently.



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