– I know the trenches in which you hide and I can smoke you out like a mouse.

– You don’t mess around with people that you were with in the night when others were sleeping

By David Zulu

President of EEP and social commentator Chilufya Tayali has fired a salvo at Presidential press aide Amos Chanda, threatening to expose his murky deals at State House.

In a statement on posted on his Facebook page this morning, Tayali scoffs at Chanda’s appointment and charges that without it he is virtually nothing. He compares him to a serial killer who is haunted by the spirits of the people he has robbed and killed.

“Amos is a coward who cannot face his demons of narcissism and he uses naive guys to mess up others, but he is making a big mistake to use the same tactics on me because iam not defenceless like those ministers and fellow State House staff he schemes against”.

Tayali warns Chanda not to consider him as cheap just because he doesn’t share in his loot he (Amos) carries around his car trunks. He accuses Chanda of bringing the Presidency into disrepute to below the level of Katondo street because of his insatiable appetite to quarrel with ordinary citizens.

“Power belongs to the people and it can be withdrawn in an election, like the one coming in 2021 and I can freely tell President Edgar Lungu that Amos will the first one to run away from him”, says Tayali.

Chilufya Tayali’s statement does not however reveal what exactly is the cause of the verbal altercation with the State House press aide.


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