By Chibesa Kalandwe II

Chibamba Kanyama is so many things – a motivational speaker, author, broadcaster and self proclaimed economist.

I admire this man with such a powerful CV and exposure. He is a very well spoken man. But I feel he should not be misleading young people into the world of self entrepreneurship when he can not point at any business he has built from scratch. Talk is cheap.

A few days ago, he organised what he calls Teen Vision whose aim is to nurture young people into entrepreneurship. But I was shocked most of the people invited to this event all have jobs.

So why tell young people to go into entrepreneurship when all of you as guest speakers have jobs and are actually looking for appointments to climb up the corporate ladder?

Teens were also required to pay to have access to this conference, how and why would you charge such a a group for a motivation talk?

Mizinga Melu has a job, Dr. Tukiya Kankasa as a job and all others invited to speak have jobs.
He should invite people with a track record in business. People that have raised empires from scratch.



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