This Koswe on Opera News spewing this shit is very, very sick in the head.

This stuff is so rotten it makes me want to vomit.

So so lame.
Inane, empty stuff.
Utterly devoid of me.

People who pen such faecal stuff must be sent straight to hell with no judgement!

This is so so fake that instead of retching, I am smiling, about to laugh!

Up yours, you rat!

Brian MUSHIMBA was right. Zambia’s social media is now teeming with sickos!

You rats, leave me alone to enjoy my Score, that is Chibuku for the uninitiated!


Lord help us!
Or I better look for rat poison fast!

Come pick my mind, you rats! I will give you what’s really in it.

Now here below is the dung! Read it for yourself.


By Koswe

Patriotic Front Party member Dr Canisius Banda says President Edgar Lungu is working hard to develop Zambia.

And Banda says only lazy Zambians are complaining about the biting economy.

He says from the time Lungu became President, the country has recorded an influx of Chinese investors into Zambia.

Banda says this is a sign enough that the country is on a positive trajectory to even beating South Africa in terms of development adding that all these are happening under President Lungu.

Before he joined PF, Banda was UPND vice president but sources tell Koswe that he used to record fellow leaders whenever having sensitive meetings and then passing on to State House in exchange for money.

Banda is among the several people that left UPND to join PF and are still for jobs from Edgar Lungu.


Mwanya ba Koswe!
Now this is me, my words!
Copy that!! Bye!

Osaniyamba ine!

Dr Canisius BANDA



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