FAZ President Andrew Kamanga has stirred the honest nest by indicating in undertone that he was interested on contesting the CAF Executive Committee member seat that is reserved for the Cosafa region and fell vacant when Kalusha Bwalya’s tenure expired.

The move which is yet to be publicly announced by the FAZ helmsman is seen as a head-on witch-hunt on the 1998 African player of the year Kalusha Bwalya who has equally declared the intent to re-contest.

To vie for a seat on the African football ruling body’s Executive committee – one need an endorsing letter from their federation. This means there must be only one letter from FAZ endorsing either Kamanga or Kalusha.

Therein lies the reason why Kalusha Bwalya’s sympathizers have taken to social media to crowd source and drive traffic towards the Icon. Palpably, to them, if Kalusha says he is going to contest for an election no one else in Zambia must challenge him.

What Kalusha Bwalya’s loyalists have eschewed is that the CAF EXCO seat is not a personal to holder and that no one is entitled to it.

What FAZ should do is to subject individuals who have officially notified them to a vetting system; integrity checks as a prerequisite. Only the individual with the highest marks should successfully obtain the endorsement letter.

If Kalusha Bwalya wants to be part of the vetting process, he should officially notify football house. Nothing should be handed to people on a silver plate.



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